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Updated June 23, 2009




This project represents collaborative efforts to integrate international perspectives into food science educational and research initiatives. It supports the CSREES goal of ā€œstrengthening competence of students, faculty, and staff in agricultureā€. Project partners include University of Nebraska-Lincoln (UNL), Iowa State University (ISU), and University College Cork (UCC) Ireland. Within a short term study program combining varied leaning opportunities, students will directly experience US and European cultural differences. Participation in debate with UCC peers and a survey of US and Irish functional food knowledge and attitudes will further enhance international awareness of critical food science issues. A study trip journal and critical analysis paper will require student self-reflection and integration of experiences and newly acquired information and perspectives. Discussions will be held with UCC faculty and administrators to plan and develop distance education materials that enhance internationalization of curricula. In research, opportunity for reciprocal exchanges of faculty and students will be provided. Faculty mobility represents opportunities for internationalizing learning experience of non-mobile US students and enhancing research collaboration between partnering institutions. Longer term student exchanges will be directly linked to shared research activity. Collaborative research objectives will investigate the use of high pressure treatment for generating bioactive peptides in meat systems. This research will enhance US capabilities in emerging non-thermal processing technology and train students in its application. In summary, the proposed project will strengthen global competency of students through activities that increase international awareness, promote cross-institution collaboration, and develop shared distance education materials that reflect discipline-specific internationalization efforts.