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Updated June 23, 2009




Stephanie Volk


Stephanie Volk - Master Candidate, Spring 2008

Education – Experience – Career Objective: Stephanie received her BS degree in Microbiology from Iowa State in December 2007. She worked on multiple research projects including the natural antimicrobial abilities of Jamaican jerk seasoning, and an antimicrobial wash and its applications for destroying Salmonella in pork. Stephanie is interested in a product development career within the food industry.
Coadvisor: Dr. Aubrey Mendonca

Andriy S. Chernyshov

Andriy S. Chernyshov - Master Candidate, Spring 2008

Andriy received his BS degree the Department of Chemical Engineering of Solid Combustible Materials in the National Metallurgical Academy of Ukraine.

Linxing Yao

Linxing Yao - Post Doctoral Research Associate, Since September 2008

Linxing graduated from our department in 2008 and will work on the
enzyme-assisted aqueous extraction of soybean oil.

Katherine Smith

Katherine Smith - Master Candidate, Fall 2006

Coadvisor: Lawrence Johnson

Bishnu Karki

Bishnu Karki - Ph.D. Student

She received an MS in 2005 in Food Engineering and Bioprocess Technology from the Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand. Her master’s thesis was entitled “Quantification of genetically modified soybean in the fermented food Tempe by using real time PCR”. She graduated in 2002 with BS in Microbiology from Tribhuvan University, Nepal.

Devin Maurer

Devin Maurer - Research Assistant, since May 2007

Education – Experience: Devin received his BS degree in Chemistry from The University of Northern Iowa in 2005. Devin has worked in chemical development in the pharmaceutical industry before coming to Iowa State.


Meredith Little

Meredith Little, Undergraduate Student, Fall 2008

Meredith is a senior from the Chemical and Biological Engineering
Department. She got a Undergraduate Research Assistantship and will be working on the effect of high-pressure processing on egg compounds.

Ji Youn Kim

Ji Youn Kim - Non-thesis Master Candidate, Fall 2008


Charlene Schmitt

Charlene Schmitt - Spring/Summer 2008

Charlene is from ENSAIA, an Engineering School in Agronomy and Food Sciences, Nancy, France. I studied at the University of Illinois in Urbana Champaign in ABE and FSHN departments during Fall semester 2007. Then, I arrived in Iowa State University as a visiting scientist to complete a 6 months internship.

Sophie Deterre

Sophie Deterre - Spring/Summer 2008

Engineering student in her third year at ENITIAA (National School for Engineers in Agricultural and Food Science Industries, Nantes, France), option: Conception and Optimization of food products.

Abdullah Mahfuz

Abdullah Mahfuz - Post Doctoral Research Associate, 2007-2008

Mahfuz obtained his master in 2003 in Food Chemistry, Department of Agro-Bioscience Iwate University, Morioka, Japan. He got his Ph.D. in March 2006. His PhD was on factors affecting undesirable astringent sensation in soybean foods. He is now a chemist scientist at Feed Energy, Des Moines, IA.

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Jianping Wu - Post Dcotoral Research Associate, 2006-2007

Education – Experience – Career Objective: Jianping obtained his PhD from Wuxi, University of Light Undustry, P. R. China in December 1998. He was a postdoctoral researcher of University of Hong Kong, visiting fellow of Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, research associate of University of Manitoba. Jianping is now a faculty at University of Alberta

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Mark Sullivan, Summer 2007/Fall 2007

I am currently a junior in chemistry at ISU planning either to go to grad school in organic chemistry research or for a health profession after graduating next spring.

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Melanie Goering, Spring 2007

Melanie was a senior in Chemical and Biological Engineering student. Shepresented her work at the 1st annual undergraduate research symposium in Spring 2007. Melanie is pursuing a pHD at Purdue University.

Ilena Sala


Ileana Sala - Graduate May 2006

Education – Experience – Career Objective: Ileana Sala received her BS in Food Science and Technology in 1999 from College of Agrarian Sciences, Iniversidad Argentina de la Empresa, Buenos Aires. She worked as a Quality Assistant at ARCOS S.A.I.C. – Cookie Division, Buenos Aires, Argentina, before starting her Master Degree. After graduation, Ileana is planning to go back in Argentina and work for the food industry.

Hyun-Jung Kim


Hyun-Jung Kim - Post Doctoral Research Associate, 2004-2005

Education – Experience - Career Objective: Dr Hyun-Jung Kim received her PhD degree in 2000 from Seoul National University (Korea). She was a post doctorate Research Associate in the Department of Food Science in University of Massachusetts, Amherst from 2001 to September 2004. Dr Kim is now working at Unilever, The Netherlands

R. Lakshmanan

R. Lakshmanan - Post Doctoral Research Associate, 2004-2005

Education – Experience - Career Objective: Lakshmanan obtained his PhD from University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, UK and worked on spoilage and safety of high-pressure processed cold-smoked salmon. Prior to this he had his BS from Tamilnadu Veterinary and Animal Sciences University, India.

Benoît Angénieux


Benoît Angénieux, Spring 2006

Benoît Angénieux, Food Industry and Health (I.S.A.B., France) Benoît Angénieux joins the department of Food Science and Human Nutrition of Iowa State University as a visiting scientist to complete his degree in Food Industry and Health. He came in a program exchange between ISU and ISAB.  He helped Ileana Sala in her research project (high pressure treatment on soymilk) as a laboratory technician in Spring 2006.

Jumaane A. Newton


Jumaane A. Newton, Summer 2005

Jumaane A. Newton was a second year undergrad attending Lincoln University in Jefferson City, Missouri, when he worked in my laboratory. Jumaane is from St. Croix, Caribbean. Jumaane was an intern from George Carver Internship program (Summer 2005). His research focused on HPP impact on soymilk viscosity and tofu characteristics. He hopes to continue with his studies and apply to graduate school.

Lina Mier

Lina Mier, Summer 2004

Lina Mier is a Food Engineering student at Instituto Tecnologico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey – Campus Queretoro, Argentina. She was on an ISU/ITESM summer internship (Summer 2004). She studied the impact of soaking temperature on soybeans characteristics