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Updated June 23, 2009



HPP system is composed of:

  • Pressure vessel (2 concentric cylinders)
  • Accumulator (used to generate pressure)
  • Heating/cooling system
  • Data acquisition system

Steps in Batch HPP System:

  1. Filling vessel with product
  2. Closing vessel
  3. Filling vessel with pressurization medium to displace air
  4. Pre-charge pressure (20 MPa) from the top to push down drive piston
  5. Displacement of the drive piston with oil coming from accumulator so that HP plunger generated desired pressure inside vessel (ratio of intensification is directly proportional to the ratio of the area of the large-diameter piston divided by the area of the small-diameter piston (14.5:1)
  6. Release the pressure
  7. Unload the samples

HPP System

Data acquisition system: Time-up and -down, pressure and temperatures are directly recorded (5 thermocouples record temperature of samples and medium)