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Updated June 23, 2009



(Stansted Fluid Power Ltd, Essex, UK)

Process Pressure Range: 100-850 MPa (14,504 – 123,282 psi)

Operating Temperature: 10 - 85°C (50 – 185 °F)

Cycle Time: Rapid pressurization/depressurization module. The rapid pressurization/depressurization module allows pressurization times to 850 MPa of less than 10 s and variable and controlled rate of pressurization and depressurization.

Overall dimensions: Pressure vessel volume: 0.7 L Sample holder dimensions: Internal diameter: 6.5 cm (2.7 in), Internal height: 23 cm (9.0 in)

Processing medium: distilled water containing 10% soybean oil, 0.18% Tween 80, 0.02% Span 80 and 0.1% potassium sorbate

Temperature Control: total of 5 type K thermocouples located inside the pressure chamber; one fixed located at the top of the breech and 4 movables. The 4 movables thermocouples can be inserted directly inside the food products, allowing knowing effect of adiabatic heat.

Maximum temperature allowed during treatment can be entered into program and automatic adjustment of the cycle will be performed.

Data Acquisition Systems: pressure, temperature of product and vessel are recorded and continuously monitored. This equipment has a computer-based operator interface for the system. Based around a mimic diagram on the computer screen, the operator is able to simply set up process cycles, download for rerunning previous process cycles, store pressure and temperature data from the system with data being exported into an integral copy of Microsoft Excel from where data may be manipulated (i.e. trend graph).